Sweet Mia

Sweet Mia

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Sweet Mia The Full Short Story 


"Sweet Mia" (An Excerpt From A Short Story)
We walked across livernois to kuzzos: nothing fancy because it was later in the evening. As she stared at the menu i hear the sound of detroit bumpin in the back kitchen. I couldn't count how many times my dick got stiff watching her lick the syrup and whip cream off the edges of her lips... her mouth was full but unlike most, she didn't smack on her food... I sat across from her thinking I'd like to fill her jaws up with something else when she said " I'm going to use the bathroom" .I watched her wide hips and fat ass stride her way to the bathroom. i took that time to stand up adjust my sack and get someones attention for the bill. By the time mia was back, the bill was paid and her leftovers were put in to-go boxes. I took her hand and escorted her to her car. I went to lean in for a hug when she asked if i wanted to smoke, she had one of those small girly cars so i told her to come get in mine. I grab a fresh pack of woods and my weed out my backseat and unbuckled my belt.
i knew mia from work we worked at quicken loans last year but the catch is she was my superior; yall know how that is, females get a lil bit of power and DONT KNOW HOW TO ACT.!.. I assumed she liked me cause we never had any run ins and she had run ins with EVERYBODY.
So when she slid in my dms i'm already knowing what type of time she on. However, no woman wants to give a man the impression that she is easy. Mia was no exception; it was to be expected that our first "date" was at a public place but Mia just dont know who i am or what i was planning. Kuzzos was our last stop tonight. I picked her up early this morning and stole an idea from tik tok; let her choose blindfolded what the plans were for today. Needless to say i got her right where i NEED her to be.
When i was done rolling my wood i set my seat back and thats when mia gave me that bewildered look that one i had seen too many times before; mia was about to say some bullshit and fuck up the mood for me. Just as i was about to buckle my pants back up she grabbed my hands rolled down her window spit out her gum she struggled getting to my zipper but i helped her pulled my shit out and she started sucking my shit i don't know if it was the heat from her esophagus, the wetness from her tonsils, or the tight clench of her jaws but i...
To BE Continued...


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